[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] extras repository

From: Jorge Salamero Sanz bencer at cauterized.net
Date: Thu Dec 7 13:27:05 EET 2006
On Thursday 07 December 2006 12:14, Marius Vollmer wrote:
> Compiling a source package separately for each distribution will thus
> be problematic since we end up with same-named packages that can
> differ widely.

definitely yes

> But since it is not easy right now for the "average user" to follow
> distribution changes, and our distro landscape is a bit messed up
> anyway, people will want to provide their software for many
> distributions, not just for 'unstable'.

for people who want bleding edge apps in stable distribuitions we could 
provide something like backports.org

> I think it would be best for package maintainers to branch explicitly
> for this.  E.g., if a maintainer normally releases his/her packages
> for scirocco, but wants to put a new version into mistral, he/she
> should branch the last version of the package that is in mistral.  The
> version number in scirocco should be higher than the one in mistral.
> Maybe we should come up with a standard convention for how to do this,
> and maybe we can support it semi-automatically in the queue manager.

i think the best way to have high quality packages and apps and not to go in a 
mess of depends is to build and upload to unstable (devel branch) and as apps 
are being tested automatically go into testing and later a stable branch.

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