[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Developing a way to run REBOL on the Nokia 770?

From: m-d at zipzero.us m-d at zipzero.us
Date: Sun Dec 10 09:12:42 EET 2006
I have a question about REBOL and the Nokia 770 internet tablet device.

REBOL/VIEW is a small interpreter for the REBOL programming langauge, 
providing cross-platform (Linux and Windows) portability for REBOL 
programs, including GUI functions.  The interpreter is a single file, and 
fairly small (about 800k).

I have an existing program written for REBOL/VIEW that I want to run on a 
Nokia 770.  However, REBOL/VIEW has not been ported to the ARM chipset 
used by the Nokia 770.  (It has been compiled for Debian Linux, but only 
for the x86 chipset.)

So ... I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to use REBOL/VIEW 
on the Nokia 770.

One possibility is to port REBOL/VIEW to the ARM chipset, and get it 
working with the Nokia 770.  Is anyone working on this already?  How 
difficult would this be, and what would be involved?  Since REBOL/VIEW is 
a nice programming language, and the Nokia 770 is a nice platform, it 
seems like getting this combination working together would be a worthwhile 

Another possibility is to use an x86 emulator, such as qemu or bochs. 
This would obviously have slow performance, but that doesn't really matter 
for my application.  However, I haven't found either of these emulators 
available for the Nokia 770.  qemu.org lists a port to the ARM host as in 
"testing" phase, so I suppose that might be coaxed into working, since I 
have only a single executable file that it needs to work with.  But I have 
no idea what is involved, or what stage that port is at, etc.  Are there 
any other x86 emulators that are working on the Nokia 770?  (I know the 
Maemo improvement ideas wiki lists x86 emulation under the heading of 
"Things inappropriate/impossible", with the argument that speed 
performance would be dreadful, but speed really doesn't matter for me.)

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Thanks.
Terence    m-d at zipzero.us

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