[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] docpurge in maemo 2.1

From: Miko Nieminen miko.nieminen at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 13 14:22:55 EET 2006
On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 13:07 +0200, Carlos Guerreiro wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed something odd in maemo 2.1.
> When installing / upgrading packages in scratchbox, in the "Setting up" 
> stage apt/dpkg can get stuck for large amounts of time (forever?).
> I've found this in gtk2.0-examples for instance, in the context of 
> sardine work.
> It looks like apt/dpkg gets stalled while running /usr/sbin7docpurge 
> with a large number of files listed in the command line.
> So:
> - Why is docpurge executed when installing packages in scratchbox 
> environment in the first place? You don't really need (or want) to 
> remove documentation there.

I agree it is not needed, but osso-ai metapackage depends on it and that
is the reason why it's in there, I suppose. Actually I think it's wrong
that osso-ai depends on docpurge, maybe it should rather suggest or
recommend it?

> - In any case, why does it get stalled? In the case of gtk2.0-examples 
> it was still stalled after several hours.

I quickly tried this and it doesn't happen in my environment. I have
Scratchbox Apophis r4 with Scirocco rootstraps upgraded to Herring. The
version I installed is gtk2.0-examples (2.6.10-2.osso25) and setting up
phase is very fast. I tried inside armel target.

> docpurge comes in the maemo 2.1 rootstraps, both i386 and armel.
> In the sardine build robot I work around this by deleting docpurge. It 
> would be good to have this fixed.

IMHO, existence of docpurge is just a way to make a quick fix for poor
packaging. I think that taking _all_ documentation out of the package
where you have binaries would be the correct way and it would be nice if
this happens in original Debian packages. This would help using Debian
as it is as a platform for embedded/mobile systems and hacks like
docpurge wouldn't be needed.

Miko Nieminen <miko.nieminen at gmail.com>

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