[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] flasher not flashing rootfs?

From: DJ Delorie dj at delorie.com
Date: Wed Dec 13 18:48:58 EET 2006
> Well, then it looks OK. Maybe your image is too small (4MB from your 
> output? some test?)

I was working on a "minimum rootfs to get a console shell" test.  The
next step is "minimum rootfs to get an X app".

> In any case if you are sure the image is ok and want experiment with 
> booting from mmc, have a look here 

What I did yesterday is make an ext2 file system image on my desktop,
then dd it over to the 770 right into the mmc card (using Nokia's 2.1
rootfs, which I can flash).  Now I can boot off the mmc card.  I need
to get a bigger card if I want to go much further with this, though

> Flashing rootfs can be done with this too when booted from mmc. Tried 
> myself.

Assuming you have a big enough mmc to hold a full rootfs image.  I
still only have the pre-supplied 64m card.

But, I'll keep that in mind.  It would be better if the flasher just
worked, or at least told me why it wasn't.

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