[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] How to determine if the screen has turned off?

From: Johan Bilien jobi at via.ecp.fr
Date: Wed Dec 13 23:27:08 EET 2006
On Wed, Dec 13, 2006, Aaron Levinson wrote:
> In the Maemo coding style and programming guidelines document on
> maemo.org, it states the following:  "Avoid updating the GUI when the
> application running on the background and when the screen has been turned
> off. Remove unnecessary graphical elements or constantly updated screen
> components."  Now, it appears that hildon_window_get_is_topmost() or
> hildon_program_get_is_topmost() can be used to determine if an application
> is running in the background, but how does one programmatically determine
> if the screen has been turned off?  I see in the latest version of libosso
> in SVN that there is a muali API that provides the ability to access the
> information via a callback, but it is unclear how to determine this on 2.0
> or 2.1.  Perhaps I can use XScreenSaverQueryInfo() ?


You can register a callback with osso_hw_set_event_cb, set the
system_inactivity_ind flag in the osso_hw_state_t argument.

Johan Bilien
<jobi at via.ecp.fr>

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