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From: krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Date: Sun Dec 17 12:08:46 EET 2006
Hi Zoran,

I am not familiar with bsd, but one option would be to use a live Linux distro 
such as Knoppix (runs completely from cd - no installation needed!)

Another way is to install necessary programs on your n770:

As root:
apt-get install e2fsprogs

This will install e.g. mkfs.ext2   and  mkfs.ext3, as well as mkswap

This is all you need to get a formated partition with either ext2 (which I 
use) or ext3.

Some time ago I posted some lines (very small howto ;-):

> Preface
> I understand that a consumer product has to support the consumer de facto
> standard for a mmc which happens to be the vfat file system. So; that is
> Nokias point of view which is okay – as long as I have the choice to use
> something different than vfat.
> One thing I don't like about vfat is its reliability. I happen to have a
> corrupted file system from time to time and I hate to know that I have no
> tools on board to repair the vfat file system. I miss fsck.vfat. I also
> checked for the package on the debian server and ran 'apt-get install
> dosfstools'. It said it had the newest version already installed. fsck.vfat
> seems to be missing.
> On a great Linux device such as the 770 I would rather like to use ext2
> formatted mmc's with the same convenience as the vfat formatted ones. (The
> ext2 filesystem used to be the Linux de facto standard file system -  see
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext2 ;-) )
> The 770 does not support ext2 or its successor ext3 by default. However the
> needed kernel modules are there. I will point out some steps so you can use
> ext2 formatted mmc's.
> Disclaimer
> Don't blame me if anything goes wrong! Unless you know what you are doing –
> don't do it! However; If you can't resist: make a complete backup or at
> least a backup from the files we are going to manipulate.
> Step 1)
> We need to load the ext2 kernel module. As root run:
> insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.16-omap1/ext2.ko
> If we want the 770 to load the module during boot up add this line at the
> top of '/etc/init.d/minircS'.
> Step 2)
> We don't want to manually mount the mmc when we plug it in. We change the
> following script  instead:'/usr/sbin/mmc-mount' from
> #!/bin/sh
> mount -t vfat -o
> rw,noauto,nodev,noexec,nosuid,utf8,uid=29999,shortname=mixed "$1" "$2" >
> /dev/null
> to
> #!/bin/sh
> mount -t ext2 -o rw "$1" "$2" > /dev/null
> Step 3)
> On your Linux desktop box format a mmc with ext2. Run as root 'mkfs.ext2
> /dev/sdx1' where x is the appropriate dev. Make sure you set the
> permissions right in order to let the 770 default user access the mmc! [Can
> some Linux guru help me out here for the command line? I used the konqueror
> for this ;-) ] Insert the mmc and find out if it worked. Check with 'dmesg'
> and 'mount'.
> Step 4)
> This step is optional but recommended. One reason for using ext2, is to
> have the the necessary tools  on the n770 in order to  repair the mmc's
> file system. What we need is called 'fsck.ext2' As root run:
> 'apt-get install e2fsprogs'
> If your repositories are set up properly (check
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationRepositories ) you will then be able
> to maintain your ext2 formatted mmc.
> Conclusion
> Was it worth it? In one word: Yes! My 770 penguin feels much better since
> it got its 'default' file system back! And I feel saver leaving my desktop
> pc with the card reader  behind ;-)
> Of course you can use ext3 also. I just don't know if there are any
> benefits from this. This solution is not perfect: The 'mmc-mount' script
> should use different commands depending on the file system used. Then using
> vfat mmc's would also work. So far I don't know how to do this ;-(
> Please let me know if it worked for you and give me some feedback!
> Regards Krischan

Hope this helps!

Regards Krischan

Am Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2006 07:34 schrieb Zoran Kolic:
> This topic is crunched million times;
> and I have stranded with repartition
> on os 2006, believe it or not.
> All docs look outdated, for os 2005.
> Intention is to make vfat-swap-ext3
> on rs-mmc. I've found mkswap and
> mkfs.vfat on the gadget. Could manage
> to connect 770 via usb to my bsd box
> and use it's fdisk to make partitions.
> But, no way to make ext3, since it
> is not native bsd fs.
> Have I missed an option, something like
> "mkfs -ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p3"? Is cfdisk
> (or fdisk) part of toolset at reposi-
> tory?
> I'd like to avoid using other computers
> and os, if possible to do it as standalone.
> Btw, the batery indicator shows my 770
> is always full. Would be fine, but not
> true, I think.
> Best regards
>                         Zoran
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