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From: Quim Gil quimgil at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 17 22:43:20 EET 2006
[Closing the OT thread]

Thank you for all your comments, they were useful to decide... that we
are going to live there. We get the house on January 15th, the
container with all our stuff comes 5 days later and then we have like
a week to put everything in place while being temporarily based in the
very comfortable and suitable Radisson Hotel, near the office.

It is a house with enough space for a family including 2 kids and a
partner working from home. Central heating and water is included in
the price, that was also a +1. I guess we will get used to the fact
that Finnish houses tend not to have a bathtub. Instead we have sauna
and... 4 showers (! we never saw something like this)

Yes, it's true that I will need to pick bus/train and then change in
Helsinki in order to get to Ruoholahti but, well, in exchange the rest
of the family can be  in the center of the city in 15 minutes at any
time, having the Mäkkylä train station and bus stop in less than 100m.
Yes, the station is in Espoo but they won't pay thanks to Finnish
policy of giving free rides to adults carrying kids. Pitäjänmäki train
station seems to be at 800m, perhaps I feel like walking there to pay
only the intra-Helsinki fare. We'll see, I guess at -15 degrees I will
be just happy paying the double.

The house is in Helsinki but it seems to be sitting literally next to
the Espoo border.  There is a busy road and the railway in front, and
a park/forest in the back. The decent shopping facilities are in
Leppävaara and also Pitäjänmäki. Unconfirmed rumours say there are
some basic groceries around. Kindergarten and some cultural input
spaces seem to be in reachable distances as well, although our
neighbourhood is basically residential.

You are welcome to come and visit us! We like visits, they force us to
cook more/better.  :)

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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