[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Creating Home Applet

From: andrew gatt a.gatt at btinternet.com
Date: Mon Dec 18 17:54:34 EET 2006
I want to create a home applet (and task navigator entry) that can exist 
alongside the current web shortcut applet, but basically provide the 
same function. Even if someone could just point me in the right 
direction of the source code it would probably be enough.

I basically want an applet that can start a new browser window and make 
it display fullscreen, but i can't work out how to start the browser 
with any kind of commandline options (if this is the way its done). I've 
found /usr/bin/browser starts the browser, but no options seem to be 
passed through this - it seem to be just a link to 
/usr/bin/maemo-invoker (?).

Any help would be great, thanks


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