[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Alternative input method

From: Ilya Schurov ilya.schurov at noo.ru
Date: Fri Dec 22 15:25:40 EET 2006
Ilya Schurov wrote:

> It looks that I also need to access "input field" (which pops up on text 
> input field clicking) where virtual keyboard/handwriting is located to 
> draw quikwriting layout there. Is there any maemo docs on this thing?

I've googled a little bit and found some old threads in the list, but no 
one of them answered my question:




It seems that the code which drives popping-up window (with 
"cut/copy/paste/input method/language/tools" menu, <Enter> & <Tab> keys 
and so on) is closed and nobody knows how to hack it and replace with 
custom one.

Is that true?

If yes, is there any way to implement similar behavior with custom input 
method (i.e. resize "main window" and get create canvas where IM code 
can draw something)?

With best regards,
Ilya V. Schurov

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