[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Alternative input method

From: Ilya Schurov ilya.schurov at noo.ru
Date: Fri Dec 22 15:47:29 EET 2006
Mohammad Anwari wrote:
> Pada hari Jumat, tanggal 22/12/2006 pukul 16:25 +0300, ext Ilya Schurov
> menulis:
>> It seems that the code which drives popping-up window (with 
>> "cut/copy/paste/input method/language/tools" menu, <Enter> & <Tab> keys 
>> and so on) is closed and nobody knows how to hack it and replace with 
>> custom one.
> Someone has written this:
> http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/pjc51/hildon_im.txt
> Hope that helps.
Thanks, Mohammed!

Looks relevant.

> Brian Waite wrote:
>> You might want to look at these sources: 
>> http://agtoys.sourceforge.net/aqw/aqw-0.1.tgz
>> It is a quickwriting vairant for the old Agenda PDA. Most of the display 
>> stuff/linux interface will change but it might goive you some ideas. Or you 
>> can look at : http://qwikscript.sourceforge.net/ for a version running on the 
Thanks, Brian! I'll have a look at them.


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