[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Alternative input method

From: Ilya Schurov ilya.schurov at noo.ru
Date: Fri Dec 22 18:40:05 EET 2006
Tim Teulings wrote:

> I few days ago I send a mail to the list in the tread "Non-gtk
> application integration" that described a solution for non-gtk
> application to open (and close) the text input window and to receive
> virtual keyboard input. Please take a look at the archive...
> Communication between Application and and Virtual Keyboard uses X11
> client messages. Looks like you have to emulate this.
> I got the information by using a special server proxy (xmon) that was
> placed between the client and the real (xephyr) server and that dumped
> all client messages between the given applications. I then had to
> analyse the raw protocol data trying by trying to find character codes
> and atom ids... Analysis was done using the desktop emulation.

Yes, thank you! It seems that part of this reverse-engineering work is 
already done by Phil Cowans (see [1]), so I feel I have enough info 
about this API to implement alpha-version.

[1] http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/pjc51/hildon_im.txt

Unfortunately, scratchbox-0.9 doesn't work under 64bit system (i'm AMD64 
Gentoo user) and according to maemo.org, Maemo doesn't work with 
scratchbox-1.0 (which is available under x86_64 [2]), so I'll try to 
install some 32-bit Debian to begin development.

[2] http://www.rahkonen.org/projects.html

With best regards,
Ilya V. Schurov.

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