[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Non-gtk application integration (partly solved)

From: geiger at xdv.org geiger at xdv.org
Date: Sat Dec 23 17:24:08 EET 2006
Quoting Tapani Pälli <tapani.palli at nokia.com>:

> > and together with the desktop file it worked. So it is clearly
> > not a problem with the desktop file, but with the application itself.
> >
> > The application does some fiddling with window titles, and my current
> > guess is that something goes wrong there. Althoug the window itself
> > shows the right title, the windowmanager doesn't seem to want it.
> >
> >
> Using What do you mean here? If the title of your window changes, it is
> changed (and 'wanted') by windowmanager.'wm title' should do the thing.


Ok, some days later, I played around a bit with the application and I
got it working, although I do not understand why.

First about the app. It is called "Pure Data anywhere" and is a fixed-point
math version of a computer music system (gige.xdv.org/pda).

It has two processes, one that does the music, the other that does the
GUI stuff (based on tcl/tk, unfortunately, in this case).

The non-gui executable starts up the GUI part (which has another name
of course).

Anyhow, let's say the main window is called "PDa". I can only see
an entry in the task list if the executable is called "PDa" too.

Funny enough, when there is another .desktop file where the executable
is called "PDa" it works too !
This got me pretty confused, because during my tests I had several
.desktop files lying around, where I changed "Exec" and "Name" entries
randomly, calling the gui application and calling the main application
seperately and I was trying to understand the pattern when it
works and when it doesn't work.

Here is what I found out:

" The taskbar entry appears when there is an "Exec" entry (not the name)
which is the same as the title of the window. The "Exec" does not necessarily
have to be in the desktop file of the application, but in some of
the desktop files. It seems that the path gets stripped from the "Exec" entry."

I am sorry about the completely stupid way I am describing this, and I
hope my conclusions are right to a certain degree.



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