[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Where can I find the sources for the load-plugin?

From: Armin M. Warda Armin.Warda at Web.De
Date: Wed Feb 22 23:18:51 EET 2006
  Hi Andrew,

could you help me?

On Saturday 18 February 2006 22:59, you wrote:
> On 2/18/06, Armin M. Warda <Armin.Warda at web.de> wrote:
> > 2.) the applet runs as user, swapon/off needs root
> >
> > For 1.) I am simply struggling with gconf, wrt. 2.) I am
> > considering to add two lines to /etc/sudoers and call "sudo
> > /sbin/swapoff ..." etc. from the applet. Any better ideas or
> > hints?
> Open a pty and drive a root-enabled shell through `sudo gainroot'?

I do not know how to do that. I am no experienced hacker or C coder, 
but I try to contribute. Could you for example provide some C code
sniplet that demonstrates how I can open a pty and drive a 
root-enabled shell through sudo gainroot?

> Then users will only have to ensure R&D mode is enabled without any
> further hacking.

Yes, that would be much better than hacking /etc/sudoers. 
Everybody who wants to use swap has to enable R&D mode anyway...

> HTH,
> Andrew
> --
> Andrew Flegg -- mailto:andrew at bleb.org  |  http://www.bleb.org/

Btw, I solved my hassle with gconf. Actually, I think gconf is quite 

What I achieved yet by modifying Jakub's released source:
- make all settings of the load-applet gconf-persistent over reboots
- add a 'swapon/off' menu entry (does nothing yet)
- add a 'Swapfile' config string to the settings menu
- discover an active swapfile on start (=boot), if none set via gconf

I will create a patch for my changes and will ask Jakub to include it. 
I hope he will continue to maintain the load-plugin, otherwise I (or 
someone else) would have to fork it. But I am no experienced coder,
thus I would prefer to not have to maintain it myself.


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