[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] 770 as a Bluetooth Headset?

From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Thu Jul 6 16:42:47 EEST 2006
Thanos Panousis schrieb:
> Wild question:
> Would it be possible to use the Nokia 770 to act a bluetooth _headset_
> to an
> ordinary bluetooth phone? I mean actually talking on the nokia 770 device
> that is bluetooth-connected to a GSM phone that carries the call.
> I guess that would be accomplished through the HSP profile, which is *not*
> present in the 770. Is any upgrade on the way/do you know of any activity
> like that from the blueZ people?
> Using the nokia device as a headset, could help tremendously in use cases
> like disabled ppl, and probably many more cool uses.

Well, first I would guess that those people would be better off with a
regular BT headset. The 770 is not that well suited to be used as free
speaking device. Or even better real free speaking thingy with sperate
LCD and buttons for call accept/deny could IMHO be better.

But anyway...
Even if you would like to have something like that with the 770 it would
still not be possible (at least up to now) since not only the HSP
profile is missing but most importantly the SCO link is missing. SCO is
the Bluetooth syncronous PCM transport for PCM data like voice. For SCO
most Bluetooth chipsets provide two methods for transport, either going
through the HCI (host controller interface) or via a seperate PCM
hardware channel.
For the bluetooth chipset in the 770 nothing is know how SCO-PCM is
routed (HCI or PCM) nor is the HCI commandset needed to control the SCO
known. Only known to work Linux supported Bluetooth chipsets with SCO
are the ones from CSR, the inventors of the first Bluetooth single chip
solution and kind sponsors/helpers with the Linux Bluetooth stack.

So buttomline... in theory it is possible but not now, not tomorrow and
probably never will be.

  nils faerber

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