[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Disappearing .la files (was: Missing libgmodule-2.0.la)

From: Murray Cumming murrayc at murrayc.com
Date: Fri Jul 21 11:08:32 EEST 2006
Actually, I've just realised that I had to delete these .la files while
using jhbuild, though I'd expect them to be reinstalled during my
dist-upgrade. Possibly package-building and jhbuilding are incompatible.
It's a good thing that scratchbox supports multiple targets.

>> I notice that that .la file does not exist (the libgmodule library does
>> exist), but that there are some other .la files. What's the policy on
>> these .la files in Maemo? Should they be distributed or not?
> For Maemo 2.0 there was no explicit policy, which practically meant they
> are to be installed (as debian packages generally do.)  However for the
> next major release those files will be removed, at least for most parts,
> as they cause nothing but problems. If you're tracking Sardine you
should already have packages without
> the .la files.

Excellent news. One day nobody will ship .la files and/or libtool will be
fixed, and all will be well.

Murray Cumming
murrayc at murrayc.com

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