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From: Redefined Horizons redefined.horizons at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 5 19:23:34 EEST 2006
I work as a developer for a company that needs to create a mobile mapping
system. We will be developing the software for the system in house, (which
will be released under an open source license), and we are looking for a
dedicated hardware platform. We would prefer Linux, and are trying to avoid
Windows Mobile/Windows CE if at all possible.

We thought we had found the solution when we stumbled across Sharp's Zaurus
with Linux. However, we were disappointed to learn Sharp is no longer
supporting that product in the US. Someone recommended we look at the Nokia
770. I had a couple of questions about programming for the handheld I need
to answer before I can see if this a viable option for us.

[1] What are Nokia's future plans for supporting a handheld with a Linux OS?
Have the made any indication as to their commitment to the open source
community, and how had the 770 worked out for the company? (I hope there
adventure with Linux and open source has been profitable...)

[2] How rugged is the Nokia 770? How is the readability of the screen after
exposure to sunlight? What is the battery life? (Our typical users will have
the unit outdoors for long periods of time.) Is there an rugged case for the
Nokia 770? (I couldn't find anything at OtterBox...)

[3] How mature is the Python environment for application development on the
Nokia, and will we be able to use GTK for our GUI design?

[4] How is access to external devices like a digital camera, GPS unit, or
other device for application developers? Is it rather straight forward, or
more like a nightmare? Has anyone tried interfacing with a handheld GPS unit
via a USB connection?

Thanks for any information. I look forward to working with, and contributing
to the Maemo community if I have the opportunity.

Scott Huey
Application Developer - Redefined Horizons
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