[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] desktop integration (resend)

From: Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Date: Sun May 7 14:31:18 EEST 2006


I just spent four hours trying to find out how 
to integrate an application into the maemo

Now that was unneccesary and I'm giving up 
for now, hoping for help.

I ported a nice little program to maemo
(see http://www.scratchpost.org/nokia-770/packages/ ),
and it worked fine, when started from xterm.

When I tried to start by using the application 
menu, however, my osso_initialize call  

By now I tried every single one of the ~ 43000 (j/k)
combinations that could be valid in the
- desktop file
- service file content
- service file name
- osso_initialize call name
- osso_initialize call version
- osso_initialize call activation

And it just doesn't work.

For now I commented out the osso parts and now it 
can be launched from the menu. :)

However, stangely enough, now the application icon 
of the menu entry is gone. It was there before I
commented out the service stuff. I didn't comment 
out "Icon=", it's still there.

Helppp :)

And before I don't forget, a few nitpickings about the

  there is no mention how the include file needed
  for libosso is called (until waaaay down).

- the osso_initialize example uses a partial 
  dbus service name only, and isn't the 
  third parameter deprecated by now?

- I sure hope the weird voodoo done by 
  osso_initialize (magically prefixing
  "com.nokia.") is already gone? If not, it's 
  not mentioned. 

- And the example doesn't use "com.nokia", 
  but "org.maemo". Which would make it break in 
  mysterious ways.

- the valid chars in the dbus service name are not
  mentioned (and there is no NO DASHES warning)

- "Icon – Name of icon that represents this application" 
  (in tutorial) says:
  "Format of the file should be PNG and the prefix (.png) 
  should not be defined."

  That is probably a suffix, and my voodoo detector goes 
  off again.
  Don't ever do that. The file is called how it is called,
  no adding/removing stuff to *cough* "simplify" it please.

Phiew... now I need sleep. Good night :)


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