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Date: Tue May 9 13:59:09 EEST 2006

no, I really do like the Nokia 770, the idea of an open source device
and everything it stands for. Have been working with OMAP processors
for some time and watched the development of the 770 from the very
beginning, jealously saw a friend receive a 770 from the first
developer batch.

Finally got my 770 and was happy with it. For a couple of days. The
display broke after turning the machine on. There has been a discussion
about this and seems things like that simply happen. The display is not
an off-the-shelf part with its brilliant resolution. Sadly brought my
device to the Nokia service station and got it back after 5 weeks.
Happy for some hours.

The WLAN range is simply ridiculous. It works in the same room with the
WLAN router after seeing the "W" flash several times. It barely works
in the next room and it does not work 10m away from the router. I have
tested with various channels, routers, locations, with and without
encryption, also tested it in direct compare with another Nokia 770
unit (which was fine). Laptops do work from far away. My Nokia 770
shows my access point from one block away down the street but it does
not connect until in the same room.

Sent it in again and got it back after another 4 weeks. The Nokia repair
receipt says "problem solved". Maybe for Nokia, not for me. Same sad
range, now with a unit that has scratches all over the case because it
was poorly packed.

It is hard to measure the wide spread WLAN signals. I took a hp 8563A
spectrum analyzer and coupled the signal in with a commercial 2.4GHz
antenna. It is not a precise measurement but you can clearly see the
peaks popping up when transmitting. My Nokia 770 had about 10-15 dB
less power than a "normal" 770. I am pretty sure that the last stage HF
amplifier of the WLAN module is broken (bluetooth works fine). Or is
there any method to decrease the HF power permanently by software?

Is there anyone who could give an advice if there is something I could
do about the problem?

I am really disappointed about the whole process. I am ok with having
some problems using new geek stuff, but this is more than what I would
like to handle. Frustrating.

Martin Müller

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