[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] poor WLAN performance

From: Collin R. Mulliner collin at betaversion.net
Date: Tue May 9 22:43:46 EEST 2006
Hi Martin,

> The WLAN range is simply ridiculous. It works in the same room with the
> WLAN router after seeing the "W" flash several times. It barely works
> in the next room and it does not work 10m away from the router. I have
> tested with various channels, routers, locations, with and without
> encryption, also tested it in direct compare with another Nokia 770
> unit (which was fine). Laptops do work from far away. My Nokia 770
> shows my access point from one block away down the street but it does
> not connect until in the same room.

mmh this not true, at least not for my device. I personally think the
WiFi/antenna "range" is pretty damn good on the N770. The only issues I
have are related to really bad performance when using WPA. See old
posting here:

> It is hard to measure the wide spread WLAN signals. I took a hp 8563A
> spectrum analyzer and coupled the signal in with a commercial 2.4GHz
> antenna. It is not a precise measurement but you can clearly see the
> peaks popping up when transmitting. My Nokia 770 had about 10-15 dB
> less power than a "normal" 770. I am pretty sure that the last stage HF
> amplifier of the WLAN module is broken (bluetooth works fine). Or is
> there any method to decrease the HF power permanently by software?
> Is there anyone who could give an advice if there is something I could
> do about the problem?
> I am really disappointed about the whole process. I am ok with having
> some problems using new geek stuff, but this is more than what I would
> like to handle. Frustrating.

All in all it looks like you're just unlucky with your specific unit.
Maybe the guys at nokia can replace the entire unit?


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It's a hardware problem!

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