[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] python on maemo

From: Christine Liu liuliuliu at gmail.com
Date: Wed May 10 23:40:56 EEST 2006
hey all -

> That's because you miss the first line, a functional comment, to instruct
> system how to run your file. You should use as first line:
> #!/var/lib/install/usr/bin/python2.4

that was it. thank you all (i thought it was a comment, heh).

another question - i'm attempting to port PIL à la teemu
i compiled under the SDK_ARM in scratchbox, but i never got a 'dist'
directory created (but seemingly the other stuff is there).

just for kicks, i compiled the source on my mac os x (no scratchbox)
and actually got the dist + PIL-1.1.5.linux-armv5tel.tar.gz hidden in
there. i untarred that one, but then never found the dist/usr
directory (only one created was dist/Library/Frameworks).

any explanation / help on how to continue?


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