[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] python on maemo

From: Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho daniel.carvalho at indt.org.br
Date: Thu May 11 15:47:42 EEST 2006
Hello Christine,

ext Christine Liu wrote:
> [...]
> [sbox-SDK_ARM: ~/Imaging-1.1.5] > python setup.py bdist_dumb
> [...]

You should write "python2.4 setup.py bdist_dumb" instead. A simple 
"python" will call scratchbox's own "python2.3" (which is wrong) instead 
of Maemo's "python2.4".

This is a common mistake that usually goes unnoticed. :-)
I hope later versions will have this fixed, i.e., having "python" 
command calling maemo's python, as expected.

Daniel d'Andrada T. de Carvalho - INdT

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