[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: [maemo-users] How to stop opera from demanding a connection?

From: Tom Wolf tomwwolf at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 12 19:46:03 EEST 2006
I am doing that currently, however (correct me if i am wrong) doesn't the
wifi transmitter keep running with an adhoc connection? I have set my adhoc
connection to 10mw to maximize battery life (off would be better)

It is workable in the short term, but in order to maximize battery life it
really does make sense to figure out a way to keep the transmitter off.

tom w wolf

On 5/12/06, David Briggs <dbriggs at goprolink.com> wrote:
>  Make an ad hoc connection and use that when you want to access your local
> web server.
> db
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> I am working with a local web server on the 770 (thttpd - http://maemo.feelslikeburning.com/thttpd/thttpd_2.23beta1-maemo_2006may12a.deb
> ) and am trying to figure out how to manage / configure the Opera browser
> to get it to stop demanding a connection when i am trying to access a local
> page.
> I want to to simply display the page for local (eg http://localhost or
> web services, and only ask for a connection for external
> requests.
> Any ideas / suggestions?
> thank you
> tom w wolf
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