[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] libcairo in maemo

From: Hans J. Koch koch at hjk-az.de
Date: Mon May 15 23:02:07 EEST 2006
Am Montag, 15. Mai 2006 07:37 schrieb Kalle Vahlman:
> On 5/14/06, Hans J. Koch <koch at hjk-az.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'd like to write an application that uses libcairo. To make it clearer,
> > I want to use libcairo directly, I don't need GTK with libcairo support!
> >
> > Did anybody compile libcairo for the 770?
> > Is it possible? Any other hints?
> Cairo can be compiled in the SDK quite well. It just doesn't perform
> all that well on the device. I tested it a bit some time ago, and
> didn't get too engouraging results. 

Hi Kalle,
thanks for your report. Yes, I didn't expect much. The 770 has no FPU, and 
libcairo seems to do lots of floating point arithmetics. But my app will 
render an image in the background and is not time critical, so this is not my 
major concern. I'll give it a try.

> My benchmarking app was not too 
> optimized though, and I now am pretty sure it didn't relfect the
> actual Cairo performance so I think it's worth a shot to try it.

I'm mainly interested in cairo's quality and abilities, and I want my app to 
be portable.

> Specially since the latest Cairo should perform much better than the
> one I tested it with.

Well, I'll see...

> It all depends how performance-critical your app is really.

Not at all, as I said. Thanks again for your hints.


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