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From: Antti Ijäs antti.ijas at movial.fi
Date: Wed May 17 11:13:56 EEST 2006

Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> On 5/17/06, August Joki <august at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
>> Does the fact that there will be internet telephony software on the
>> device mean that there will be a working driver for the internal
>> microphone?
> One would assume that :)
> Otherwise it would be a bit silly thing to put there, wouldn't it?
> (I just hope not many people have destroyed the mic while trying to
> "reset" the device with a needle ;)

Now that would be really silly. I hope people don't go sticking stuff in
every hole they find... ;)

>> Also I'd imagine(hope) that there will be some sort of compatibility
>> for bluetooth headsets, otherwise it'd be a pain to have to hold the
>> 770 in a position to hear, talk and see it all at the same time.
> Actually, if you put your ear to the speaker, the mic aligns pretty
> naturally to your mouth[1]. And holding it like that puts your thumb
> to the buttons on top of the device.
> Coincide? I think not ;)
> [1]  If you are right-handed of course

I don't know where your mouth is located, but it doesn't align to me :|

I think the proper way to use it, is to hold it on the desk while you
speak. That should be quite useful, because if you hold the touchscreen
to your face, there might be some unwanted buttonclicks in the UI.

The speaker itself should be cabable of outputting enough noice, so you
can hear something. But I wonder how the battery lasts in a usecase like
that? ie. for how long can you speak?

/ Antti

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