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From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Thu May 18 02:47:07 EEST 2006
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Peter Robinson schrieb:
>> Does the fact that there will be internet telephony software on the
>> device mean that there will be a working driver for the internal
>> microphone?
>> Also I'd imagine(hope) that there will be some sort of compatibility
>> for bluetooth headsets, otherwise it'd be a pain to have to hold the
>> 770 in a position to hear, talk and see it all at the same time.
> I hope there's  Bluetooth headset support too but is there an issue
> using BT and Wireless at the same time?

Technology-wise there no problem with Wifi and Bluetooth at the same
time. They both use the 2.4GHz band but with a quite different usage
scheme. Wifi uses a single channel constantly while Bluetooth hops
within 16 channels at a rate of up to 1200 (?) channel hops per second.
So even if Bluetooth happens to hit the same channel it will just be for
an amount of time that Wifi would simply ignore - like a small
transmission error ;)

Concerning headset usage I just had a chat with Marcel Holtmann (the
BlueZ maintainer).
He sais that it would be possible if Nokia and TI would release the
specs for the chipset and the connection of the chipset to the rest of
the system concerning audio.

> Also it would be cool if the HeadPhone jack was multi pole (or what
> ever its called when you have 4 connectors) so you could use a
> mic/headphone combo like of some of the nokia phones too.

That would be cool!

> Peter
  nils faerber

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