[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] xskat and maemo fonts

From: Hans J. Koch koch at hjk-az.de
Date: Thu May 25 01:56:00 EEST 2006
I just noticed that my favourite card game "xskat" (probably only played in 
Germany) could possibly run on the 770 without modifications. I extracted the 
xskat binary from the -arm Debian package and copied it to the 770.

The program can be started (from xterm), but immediately exits displaying a 
message "Font 9x15 not found".

xskat has a commandline option "-font font_name" which seems to expect a pixel 
size like 9x15 or 10x20. On my laptop, several different sizes work. How can 
I find out which values are possible on the 770?


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