[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] SDL vertical blank (vbl) sync.

From: Heike C. Zimmerer hcz at hczim.de
Date: Sun May 28 15:47:29 EEST 2006
Visti Andresen <talpa at galnet.dk> writes:

> Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to sync. the SDL_Flip to the
> vertical blanking of the display.

You're sure there's anything like vertical blanking for the 770?  My
understanding is that VBL is closely tied to the transmission of video
data through an analog line.  I doubt you will find anything like that
in digital-only LCD circuitry.  There will, however, be some kind of
display refresh which uses some timing of its own.  If you look that
direction, maybe there's some interval which can be used for similar

- Heike

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