[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Happy birthday Maemo!

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Mon May 29 14:59:15 EEST 2006

ext Neil Jerram wrote:
> Ferenc Szekely <ferenc at maemo.org> writes:
>> Time goes fast and Maemo is already one year old. On this special 
>> occasion, I am proud to announce our brand new project hosting 
>> environment: https://garage.maemo.org . We would like to invite
>> every Maemo and Internet Tablet related software projects to join.
> It looks nice.  I especially noticed the "Code Snippets" section, 
> which I haven't noticed before on other hosting sites.  Is this a new
>  idea?  I expect it will be excellent for collecting useful bits of 
> scripting language code.  Does the package building option here 
> produce a package that can be directly installed on the device?  And 
> if so, are those packages for the 2005 OS or for 2006?
Code Snippets is part of GForge nowadays, so all credit goes to the
GForge team. The package building does not produce installable packages,
but it is a good idea and we should consider it.

We would welcome all improvement ideas and maybe together we could
develop a bunch of new plugins to garage (and GForge) ;)


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