[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Backlight life when always on

From: Erik Walthinsen omega at vcolo.com
Date: Tue May 30 21:09:51 EEST 2006
I'm starting to build a set of applications that will turn one or more 770's
into control panels for all the lighting in my church's sanctuary, which as
of this last week are all on DMX-512 controlled dimmer packs.  An Art-Net
(http://www.artisticlicence.com/dwnart.htm) to DMX-512 bridge will allow all
the units to control the DMX-512 bus over wifi, with battery-backed APs etc.

An obvious requirement of such an application is that the backlight be on at
some level at *ALL* times.  I haven't thought about the degree to which the
application state will control the backlight level, but it will *ALWAYS* be on.

So... am I expecting too much from a device like this?  $$$$$ industrial
controllers do it all the time, but are the LCDs and backlights comparable?
  If I manage to exceed the life of the backlight, am I looking at simply
tossing the unit, or can the backlight be replaced?

Secondary question: anyone happen to know where I can find a right-angle
plug that fits the 770's power connection?  The straight plug would be
unnecessarily bulky if built into a locking wall mount for the thing.  A
supply of replacement shells would be really nice too...

FWIW all the code I write will be open-source, starting with the Open DMX
USB (http://enttec.com/opendmxusb.php) user-level driver code that forms the
basis for my current Art-Net to DMX bridge, and soon a full Art-Net stack in
Python.  I'm hoping to eventually extend it to Modbus/TCP etc. so these
things can also control the HVAC system, once we upgrade it to something
with a brain....

    aka Erik Walthinsen
    omega at temple-baptist.com

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