[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Changes to GTK

From: David D. Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Date: Wed May 31 14:36:06 EEST 2006
Koen Kooi wrote:

> Ehm..... Shouldn't e-mails containing crap^H^H^H^Hstuff like this be
> discarded? With stuff like gmane, google-groups and list archives
> maemo/nokia is in for a world of hurt, legally speaking.
> regards,
> Koen
> Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (Darwin)
> iD8DBQFEfX01MkyGM64RGpERAia+AKCCufGm5KmaP+Bck98/ln4mGx1lUACeLgB6
> 2pLCcNmXxeFKKxAmsJsG3Ac=
> =bXC1
> ___

One could equally gripe about your PGP signature - is a trivial mail 
like this really deserving of being cryptographically signed?

Of course, you are set up to sign ALL your mail.

Well, guess what - many unfortunate people, due to lawyers, SarbOx, 
ITAR, and other laws get those sort of "legal warts" added to their 
emails at work (I am unfortunately one of them, but am currently sending 
this from my home account). They cannot do anything about it - the wart 
is added as a matter of corporate policy at the corporate mail server at 
the corporate firewall, the corporate lawyers insist upon it, and there 
is no way an individual is going to get that changed.

So you either live with it, and don't contribute to the list clutter by 
commenting upon it, or you ban all such individuals - and thus ban any 
company with such laws from participating in Maemo development.

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