[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] speeding up MMC (with success)

From: Armin Warda armin.warda at googlemail.com
Date: Sun Oct 1 13:36:00 EEST 2006
On 9/30/06, Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz> wrote:
> If anyone wants to test kernel with those changes it is here
> http:// fanoush.webpark.cz/maemo/zimage-su-18-200625-2gb-mmcplus26mhz.zip

I tested this kernel with my 512MB MMC, and with the original Nokia 64MB
Both MMCs work fine with your kernel, speedup is 2x.

Make sure you first load and boot it without flashing (flasher -l -b).

I did not notice any negative side-effect of this kernel, everything still
works as expected,
even fuse, which uses a kernel module. Thus after some testing I finally
flashed this kernel.


  regards, Armin.
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