[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Update on command line wifi connections

From: Matt Clark matt at mattclark.net
Date: Sun Oct 8 13:22:17 EEST 2006
D. Scott Brown wrote:
> I've tried four methods limited or no success (see below for source 
> and results), and I'm down to one last possibility. I don't have 
> access to a linux box to test the real C API in osso-ic.h, and I would 
> be happy to compensate any willing developer for his time if he can 
> get this to work.
There's probably a good reason why you haven't tried it, but ISTM that 
if you have an windows PC then you can have a linux box for $0: just 
download VMWare Server (it's completely free of charge), and install 
your favourite distro on it (Can't go far wrong with Ubuntu).  For intel 
macs there's Parallels (not free but cheap).


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