[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Reboot Cycle

From: George Farris farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca
Date: Fri Oct 20 18:38:20 EEST 2006
On Fri, 2006-20-10 at 11:30 -0400, Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> On 10/20/06, George Farris <farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca> wrote:
>         The question really is, why is this, in it's current state,
>         installable
>         with the Application Manager?  It should be removed from the
>         repositories.
> The problem is that the Maemo Garage repository is not separated into
> stable and unstable repos, AFAIK. So all Garage-hosted apps are
> treated equally when they are in reality in vastly different stages of
> development. That kind of unstable/testing/stable separation helps
> users choose their level of risk. 
> Packaging up an app in development is kind of a Catch-22 situation. If
> you don't package it, you limit your user-base to fewer, more
> technically-savvy people and it may not get the testing/exposure you
> might want. If you package it, it will get a lot more testing and
> exposure but if it does bad things, that exposure won't be positive
> and may drive away users with false expectations of stability. 
> Putting packages (along with their equally stable dependencies) into
> repos labeled by stability seems to be the standard way of managing
> those expectations.

This is a good point and I agree that having repos labeled by stability
is certain a good way to go.

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