[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] usbnet under Debian sarge3.1r3

From: Jon Adams jon.adams at concerttechnology.com
Date: Fri Oct 20 21:51:07 EEST 2006
I'm using the latest stable release of Debian (sarge
3.1r3 with the 2.4.27-2 kernel) on my host PC and I
can't seem to get usbnet to work with my Nokia 770.
I've got the developer rootfs installed on the 770
with root access enabled and the UsbNet/MMC changer
utility seems to be functional and I've made the other
changes recommended in the Nokia "HowTo: Set up USB
networking with Debian" document but it appears that
the usbnet module on the PC never connects or never
even recognizes the Nokia (no drivers are assigned
when the Nokia is attached to the PC).

Out of some desperation I went in and modified the
usbnet.c sources for my PC's kernel (added the Nokia's
vendor and product IDs to the linux device list) and I
was able to get usbnet to recognize the Nokia and
establish a network link on usb0 but it's still not
functional and the hotplug event often causes a crash
in the PC's khubd thread. Without my changes (to
usbnet.c) the hotplug event just leaves the Nokia
device unassigned (and therefore no attempt is made on
the PC side to link the Nokia to usbnet). In any case,
the MMC/USB mass storage mode seems to be recognized
dependably, it's only USB networking (after switching
to usbnet) that appears to have problems.

Thus, I'm wondering whether anyone has ever gotten
usbnet working on the Nokia using the Debian 2.4.X
kernel. I'm referring to using an unmodified
"official" kernel, not something that has been
"hacked" or updated to a testing or so-called unstable
release (like Debian etch/sid with the 2.6.X kernel).

Or, said another way, is the 2.6.X kernel (on the PC)
required to make usbnet work with the Nokia? If the
latter is the case then this should be mentioned in
the Maemo developer/HowTo docs.

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