[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] More on usbnet and Debian sarge 3.1r3

From: Jon Adams jon.adams at concerttechnology.com
Date: Tue Oct 24 02:14:34 EEST 2006
This is a follow up on my posting from last Friday (
). I notice that there are two different documents on
using usbnet, one on the wiki entitled "HowTo Setup
USB networking on Debian" and another under the Maemo
Developers HowTo entitled "HowTo: Set up USB
networking." The latter says that the developer rootfs
is configured to use the static IP for
the Nokia device while the HowTo in the wiki uses and and later mentions in the "Testing the connection" section
of the wiki (this, I think, is just a missed editing
change from an earlier document). I've tried to
account for these differences and have tried both
techniques but have not yet had success with either.

So, to repeat and expand on my earlier question(s):

1.) On the host PC, what Linux kernels are known to
work with the Nokia 770's usbnet? Does an unmodified
2.4.X work or do you need 2.6.x?

2.) Which HowTo is "correct" or the preferred method?
I've made most of my attempts with the wiki version of
the HowTo, but changing the ping address (under
testing) to use rather than
(in any case, I've yet to get to a point where I'd
expect the ping to even work since it seems obvious
well before that point that the host/Nokia did not

3.) Can anyone confirm whether they've gotten usbnet
working on the Nokia with a host running an unmodified
Debian sarge distribution (kernel 2.4.27)?

Lastly, is anyone even using usbnet for remote gdb
debugging and/or cpu transparence within scratchbox? I
would think that someone (many?) must be doing this
but if no one can even confirm that it's working with
Debian sarge then maybe it's little used.

A yes/no to any of the above with your associated host
distribution/kernel versions would be much
appreciated. Thanks.

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