[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] USB Networking finally working

From: Jon Adams jon.adams at concerttechnology.com
Date: Sat Oct 28 02:21:24 EEST 2006
As some of you may remember, I posted two messages
over the last week asking about the state of usbnet
under Debian sarge (3.1r3). Well, today I finished
burning new distribution disks for Debian etch (weekly
build Oct. 9/10, kernel 2.6.17) and installed same on
my PC and I can report that usb networking functioned
without problems the first time I connected my Nokia
to my PC.

Thus, it does appear that Debian sarge 3.1r3 (kernel
2.4.x) doesn't really play that well with the Nokia
and usbnet (at least not from a plain vanilla Dell
Dimension 4600 PC). In any case, it might be wise to
change the HowTo on usb networking to state that
Debian sarge and 2.4.x kernels may not work and the
solution is to go to a 2.6.x kernel or perhaps even to
the Debian etch distribution.

Link to my original post (usbnet under Debian


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