[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Unresolved issues (Week 43)

From: Matan Ziv-Av matan at svgalib.org
Date: Mon Oct 30 20:52:41 EET 2006

> Let me answer this, based on my understanding with OMAP1/2, eventhough
> I am not the developer of flasher.
> What flasher tries to do is to establish USB level communication with
> the hardware/OMAP1 chip and can do cold flash, when the device has
> nothing on it. At this time it has to use ROM code (might be
> properitery by Texas Instruments), for establishing USB level
> communication details.
> So, in the Linux-OMAP community we have not seen bootloaders/utilities,
> which does the (cold)flashing using USB link. For TI developed EVMs, it
> provides Win32 binary only utilities like CSST to flash the
> signed/unsigned images (like u-boot image) using serial port or USB as
> a medium of transfer.

That's not exactly correct. There is a GPL tool, omapfl, that
flashes bare 5912 thru USB. Of course, the 1710 might have completely 
different ROM.

In the 5912 there is an external pin that selects booting from internal 
ROM (for USB flashing) or from flash (for normal operation), so I am not 
sure this is what the nokia flasher does.


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