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From: Charles 'Buck' Krasic krasic at cs.ubc.ca
Date: Fri Sep 1 23:34:57 EEST 2006
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The codec is a homegrown variant of MPEG-4 I call SPEG.   Basically
SPEG adds fine granularity SNR scalability to MPEG-4.   SPEG is part
of a larger overall project on quality-adaptive video streaming.  The
SPEG implementation is derived from from the xvid code base.   You can
find all of my code, including the modified xvid, and the rest of the
streaming system, along with instructions on how to build the system
at http://qstream.org.  

For the last month or so, I have been working on porting the qstream
client to the Nokia 770.     The actual streaming video part of the
port is working very well now.   In terms of actual video/streaming, I
think it already does much better than the bundled player.

Before I actually cut the first release, it needs some more testing,
as well as all of the hildon gui stuff (which I plan to do with
PyGtk), and proper deb packaging.   I hope to get that done in a few

If you are actually serious about trying the codec, I'd be happy to
try and help you in any way I can.

- -- Buck

Ed Okerson wrote:

> What video codec are you trying to use? Maybe I can try my hand at
> it.
> Ed
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