[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Application installer feature requests/suggestions

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at movial.fi
Date: Tue Sep 5 11:57:18 EEST 2006

>>I know that the repositories are the preferred method for
>>installing packages, but after installing yesterday >20
>>(Hatari) packages "From file..." several times in succession
>>(to test the packages I created), I started to wish for
>>following features:
> Hmm, did you want to test the package itself, or how the AM deal with
> it?

Mainly the package, but also that I didn't screw up anything
AM-wise. :-)

> If you just want to test the package, I would recommend getting a
> shell and just using dpkg.  You can install multiple packages with one
> invocation of dpkg, for example.
>>- Application installer remembering from which directory
>>  the last file was selected and opening the filesel
>>  to the same dir next time (can be forgotten at
>>  application exit)
> Yep, that should be fixed.
>>- After installing one file, application installer asking
>>  with a dialog either:
>>  - "Install another package from file? [OK] [Cancel]"
>>    (so that I don't need to use the menus each time as that's
>>     3 clicks of differents keys instead of 1 additional select
>>     click), or
> No, I think that would be too intrusive for the normal use case.  We
> could add this feature for red-pill mode, tho.  Patches welcome! :)
>>  - "Add this directory as a package repository? [OK] [Cancel]"
>>    (so that if I use the same MMC directory for transferring
>>     more packages, I don't need to anymore use the fsel)
> That would be the proposed "dir://" method for apt: it would create
> the needed Packages file on the fly.

Can it also update the package list later on when doing "update"?
(if I have added new packages to the dir in the meanwhile)

One solution would be to have both of these alternatives:
"Do you want to add this directory as a repository,
 or install another package from file?
  [Add repository]  [Install]  [Cancel]"

>>Btw. I also tried adding "file:///media/mmc1/atari" as a repository
>>(+ disabling the other tableteer repo), but when I refreshed
>>the package list, Application installer disappeared.
> Whoops.  Please file a bug about this.

If it repeats...

 	- Eero

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