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From: Miko Nieminen ext-miko.nieminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Sep 5 12:30:59 EEST 2006
ext Devesh Kothari wrote:
> Guillem Jover wrote:
>> On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 09:55:52 +0200, ext Koen Kooi wrote:
>>> Kalle Vahlman schreef:
>>>> The version in IT2006 is
>> http://repository.maemo.org/pool/mistral/non-free/k/kernel-source-2.6.16/
>>> Non-free !?!?
>> Right, could someone (Ferenc, Devesh?) please check and fix the contents
>> of that repo? There's other packages which seem wrongly placed, like
>> attr, bzip2, build-essential, etc.
> This obviously needs to be fixed ! Ferenc any reason they ended up in
> non-free part ?
> Put it on my list of issues that need to be persued. Should plan as part
> of Maemo 2.1
This is something I have know for a while and this is planned to be
fixed in the next release. We just haven't had time to check which
packages are under incorrect component. We need to automate these checks
to guarantee that packages are under correct component. This situation
is due the fact that on one day some packages have been going out with
sources and on the other day sources are dropped, and as an addition to
this this database contains some stupid mistakes. So far we have been
fighting with more serious problems to get stuff out and thus we haven't
been able to pay attention to these "cosmetic" issues.

Our way to divide packages in the repository goes so that if sources are
available then the component is free and if sources are not available
then it is non-free. If you have any other suggestions about how to
divide packages into different components, please send suggestions. We
have been thinking about division of free/contrib/non-free (in this
contrib is something else than contrib repository), but we decided that
free/non-free is enough.


Miko Nieminen
ext-miko.nieminen at nokia.com

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