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From: Andrey Khurri andrey.khurri at hiit.fi
Date: Wed Sep 6 12:15:10 EEST 2006
Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> On 9/5/06, *Carlos Guerreiro* <carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com 
> <mailto:carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com>> wrote:
>     Most of these differences are not really justified anymore. The
>     exceptions (themes,bitmaps,...) need to be handled in a controlled
>     manner. We are working towards getting rid of the unnecessary
>     divergence.
> Well ... I am one of those users caught a bit by doing an "apt-get 
> upgrade" (more specifically I took the Red Pill and upgraded some core 
> packages) and expecting it to "do the right thing". I didn't get the 
> constant rebooting but I am experiencing random application crashes now.
> "The right thing" that I was expecting was:
> - Upgrade core packages with newer more stable more up to date 
> packages with possible security fixes and functionality fixes but no 
> great leaps in versions
> - any unstable, in-development packages for the next version of the OS 
> would be in a separate repository component that would need to be 
> specificially enabled
> - once a new stable branch was developed, I could use apt-get upgrade 
> to upgrade my 770 to it after changing the repository info over
> I understand now that the repositories are not arranged that way for 
> the 770 ... I just wish they were.
> I also have to figure out which packages to downgrade in order for my 
> 770 to become stable again. Maybe a reflash is the simplest way.

I am not sure if this would help in your case but I have upgraded my 
N770 to use fixed gst-plugins-farsight package from repository.maemo.org 
(since I used 'apt-get upgrade', then ran into a reboot cycle, then set 
the flag 'no-lifeguard-reset' to get rid of this) and now audio and 
video players can play the files again and device does not reboot even 
when in production mode (with cleared flag)


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