[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] EABI technical specs and revision docs?

From: Cayle Graumann cayle.graumann at gmail.com
Date: Fri Sep 8 16:02:47 EEST 2006

    I am working on trying to get Tiny C Compiler working in the ARMEL
scratchbox environment.  Eventually, the plan is to have it working on the
N770 to allow other scripting languages which require a C language backend
to be usable.  So far, I have been able to get it to produce object files
but the object files it creates are for the earlier ARM abi and so they
cannot link to the scratchbox libraries.  gcc's linker says that the objects
are EABI ver 0, while the libraries are EABI ver 4.  I was wondering where I
can find documentation about what was changed in the object file format with
the move to the new EABI.  Also is a document about low level programming of
the OMAP processor available anywhere, so I can double check that the
assembler in TCC is producing correct code.


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