[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: gtkmm and scratchbox: Gtk::DrawingArea problem

From: Jarkko Palviainen jarkko.palviainen at lut.fi
Date: Sun Sep 10 23:55:48 EEST 2006
> Really, it would be far more sensible to rewrite the code for the
> slightly different API that is available in the maemo version of gtkmm,
> as I described. The maemo version of gtkmm offers considerable code size
> and runtime memory savings, at the cost of this small inconvenience.
> [snip]

Alrighty, are the depedencies fixed now in repository? and another thing,
where's this API documented? I'm sorry, I have worked with Maemo and
Gtkmm only for a short period so I wasn't aware of these differencies.

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