[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Maemo 2.0 C binaries do not run on N770

From: Winston Wu winston at ee.ucla.edu
Date: Mon Sep 11 19:19:43 EEST 2006
Thank you, Andrey, for the reply.

"Hi, you can easily check the version of OS you're running on your tablet. Using menu go to the 'Control panel', then choose 'Device' section and inside the new opened window change to the tab 'About product'. Here you are!
For instance, on my tablet I have there:"

Yes, I do have 
Internet Tablet 2005 software edition Version: 3.2005.51-13

"So if you still have OS 2005 then binaries compiled with maemo 2.0 would definitely not work on the tablet."

I guess there are two choices for me now.  I can either use the old Maemo (probably 1.1) or upgrade my OS.  Can anyone point me to a good pointer to upgrade the OS?
Thanks a million for your help!
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