[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] plotting tool

From: Winston Wu winston at ee.ucla.edu
Date: Sat Sep 16 05:23:43 EEST 2006
Hi all,
I need some advice/help with a plotting tool on N770.  My goal is to stream 
an accelerometer data (bandwidth ~100Hz) over Bluetooth and view it in N770.

I see that the only plotting packages currently available in the Application 
Catalog are Gnuplot and Octave.  I am wondering if anyone has experience 
using these packages to view streaming data.  I'm concerned they may not be 
optimized for streaming data, especially on N770.

I am also wondering if anyone has plans to port this plotting tool for 
Maemo:http://kst.kde.org/.  It seems like a pretty good tool for "robust 
plotting of live 'streaming' data."

Thanks a million for all the helps!

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