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From: Olivier ROLAND olivier.roland at laposte.net
Date: Sun Sep 17 21:47:52 EEST 2006
Greg Morgan a écrit :
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> Umm...so I looked.  I don't see how to change a project's web page via
> the gForge/Garage web interface.  Is this done another way such as ssh
> user at some_maemosite?  If so, would someone please point me to the ssh URL?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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Got that sometimes ago ... not tested yet ...


We have been very quiet about supporting project homepages here at garage.maemo.org. Well, we tried a few solutions: webDAV, scp, subversion and it seems that the most viable alternative is the last one. 

Projects who maintain subversion repositories could easiliy manage their web content by having a top-level 'www' directory inside their subversion tree. We will install the necessary commit hook script on the server side, so every time the project commits to 'www' the content will be copied (exported) to the proper location and the homepage can be accessed thru http://<project>.garage.maemo.org.

Please send your comments, feedback to garage at maemo.org or to my private address.


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