[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: [maemo-users] Flash to 2006 trouble

From: Follower follower at rancidbacon.com
Date: Tue Sep 19 19:05:25 EEST 2006
Eero Tamminen wrote:
>>I was able to get "Osso Xterm" from the repository listed there
>>installed, I  had trouble with "Osso Xterm (advanced)" though I don't
>>remember any more if it was a dependency problem or the "Unable to
>>install.  Incompatible package".
> Usually it seems to say "Incompatible package" if the package
> "Section" is something else than "user".  Those packages you
> can install from the command line with "dpkg -i".
But bear in mind that if one is trying to install something lots of
people have already installed (xterm in this case) it's probably more
likely to actually be the wrong package--and who knows how
"kludgy-fixes" would break things. :-)


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