[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Maemo Garage SVNTracker Plugin Request

From: Greg Morgan drkludge at cox.net
Date: Thu Sep 21 23:21:48 EEST 2006
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I cannot tell for sure.  However, the svntracker plugin does not appear
to be installed for the Maemo Garage. Would you please consider adding
this plugin?  The plugin allows you to close tracker and todo items in
your svn commit logs via "[#NNN] for Tracker, and [TNNN] for Tasks."
There's one of these trackers for svn and one for cvs.  I've found the
documentation for cvs below.  Moreover, there's an irc log too.



$ cvs ci README -m "This patch will solve a problem on Bug [#123] and closes
task [T344]."

"Use Cvs 2 Tracker Plugin"

<drkludge> In my svn commit message do I just put [#tracker_no] to
reference a tracker?  Can I use this to close a tracker with the commit?
<drkludge> Can I reference task numbers too?
<kikov> drkludge, maybe.. I don't remember the code...
<kikov> but try with Close [#343]
<kikov> take a look on the tracker_gateway.php code
<drkludge> kikov, Ahhh thanks...I locked for doc but couldn't find it.
You gave me a place to look.  Thanks.
<kikov> drkludge, take a look on the script launched by postfix
<kikov> or exim in /etc/alias[es]
<drkludge> kikov,  If another site implements gForge, do you know if
they have to do something to enable, or this comes out of the box?
<kikov> drkludge, I had to see the code
<kikov> maybe you have to implement it, it's not difficult
<kikov> with the base
<drkludge> kikov, Thanks for you help.
<kikov> well.
<kikov> let me take a look on the code
- --> jststeve (n=jststeve at has joined #gforge
<kikov> ok... you should have to modify that file
<-- jststeve (n=jststeve at has left #gforge
<kikov> detect the "Closes(\s)*[#NUMBER]"
<kikov> and call the closebug
<kikov> or whatever
* drkludge looks
<drkludge> kikov, Thanks, the final answer is
This string is on the form: [#NNN] for Tracker, and [TNNN] for Tasks.
- --> chris38_ath (n=chris at mut38-4-82-233-119-151.fbx.proxad.net) has
joined #gforge
<drkludge> kikov, I am guessing the Use svncommitemail Plugin check box
is not the same as the "Use Cvs 2 Tracker Plugin" box.  Hence, we don't
have it yet.
<kikov> hehe.. as you can guess, cvstracker is for cvs and svntracker is
for subversion
<kikov> I made the original cvstracker, someone adapted it into subversion
<drkludge> kikov, Nice code by the way.
<drkludge> kikov, So sould I see a "Use svn 2 Tracker" in my public info
since we are using svn, right?
<kikov> yes
<kikov> this will mark the project to use svntracker
<kikov> that will make an HTTP Post to the Gforge Web server
<kikov> this hook is the responsible of matching the [#NUMBER] or [TNUMBER]
<drkludge> kikov, thanks.  I'll have to ask the admin about adding the
<kikov> and to prepare a HTTP POST with an array of the data the web
server needs
<kikov> like the project name, the modified files, the log itself,
username and so...
<kikov> the webserver part, receive it, and change the Task or Tracker..
<kikov> well, it actually add some data into a external database,
<kikov> (external table I mean)
<kikov> then, a gforge hook in the php code, shows the list of related
<kikov> of a tracker (or task)
<drkludge> kikov, Yes that's a slick bit of code that makes using
trackers and tasks more friendly to developer.
<kikov> I think that way to be the most general as posible ( you can
have the cvs server in another computer than the webserver .. )
<kikov> and the cvs server don't know how to touch the database ( nor
has the permissions )
<drkludge> kikov,  Thank you again you have been most helpful pointing
me in the right direction.
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