[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: quries

From: Ed Okerson ed at okerson.com
Date: Mon Sep 25 06:18:50 EEST 2006
> On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 16:21 -0700, Greg Morgan wrote:
>> A camera?  I haven't tried that yet. The important note is that
>> you may have to perform some steps by hand because a gui configuration
>> application does not exist.
> Webcams require USB streaming (isochronous transfers I believe are what
> they are called) and this may not be supported by the Nokia's hardware,
> or even the USB OTG spec. You cannot connect webcams e.g. to VMware or

The 770 is not an OTG device, and web cams work fine.  You might have to
build the kernel module for your particular device, but that is not hard. 
The 770 must have it's USB set to host mode, but that is well documented.

> QEMU. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can speak to this, but I do know
> that webcams are a bit different than pen drives and keyboards on the
> USB bus.

Yes, they require different drivers, and present a different interface. 
Once the module is loaded it appears as a standard V4L or V4L2 device.

Ed Okerson

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