[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Problem for resfreshing Nokia770 screen - Program with Enlightenment

From: Seb Dev sebdev at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 27 12:52:32 EEST 2006
Hello list,

I develop a multi-threaded program.
One thread receives some bitmaps (in BUFFER_FILE file) and send an


 *//Envoi signal pour rafraichir la fenetre evas*
  event = ecore_event_add(MY_EVENT_TYPE, toto, NULL, NULL);

This event is handled by the second thread in order to display them on a
evas canvas (which is defined in the second thread).

*//Handler creation*
  MY_EVENT_TYPE = ecore_event_type_new();
  handler = ecore_event_handler_add(MY_EVENT_TYPE, callback_resfresh, NULL);

 int callback_resfresh(void *data, int type, void *ev)
	*return* 1;

Here is below the function for refreshing the canvas (function defined in
the second thread) :

void refresh(void)
   tmp = evas_object_image_add(evas);

   evas_image_cache_reload (evas);

   evas_object_image_file_set(tmp, TEMP_BUFFER_FILE, NULL);
   evas_object_move(tmp, 0, 0);
   evas_object_resize(tmp, win_w, win_h);
   evas_object_image_fill_set(tmp, 0, 0, win_w, win_h);


In a Linux PC environment, this program works well : the canvas is refreshed
every time a bitmap is received.

But when this program is launched on a Nokia 770 with MAEMO 2.0, the canvas
is only refreshed when the screen is touched by the pencil. I don't
understand why the screen is refreshed only when I touch it.

I am running this program under X, and I disabled evas acceleration so that
evas doesn't use the framebuffer.

If some of you have an idea to solve this problem, thanks a lot for your

Seb Dev
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